Sustainable growth requires meticulous planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is crucial to achieving sustainable and consistent growth no matter which industry you are in. ERP software for schools is making it easier for institutions to manage their daily operations. It adds value by streamlining and optimising complex processes for a refined output that is free from bias and errors. Jupsoft’s dynamic school ERP software has also helped educational institutions to achieve paperless status.

What is school ERP software?

A school ERP software is designed to help institutions with their daily operational & administrative activities. It reduces the reliance on manual labour for repetitive tasks and synchronises the whole process. Institutions can use it to keep track of day-to-day activities and manage administrative tasks, student attendance, fee records, homework database, etc. There’s a whole lot to be done with a versatile school ERP software. Schools can easily cut down on their expenses and increase productivity using our school ERP software.

Talking School ERP: The evolution of school ERP software

Realising the need of the hour, we have updated our school ERP software and programmed it to follow your command. Our talking school ERP is equipped with all the necessary features required to get the job done just using your voice. It can be easily synced with a wide range of IoT devices that allow users to give a voice command. One can use devices like Alexa and sync it with the talking ERP software to obtain important updates from the school. Some of the popular commands that parents usually use are listed below.

  • “Alexa, please ask Jupsoft for school updates”
  • “Alexa, ask Jupsoft for homework”
  • “Alexa, ask attendance from Jupsoft”

Talking School ERP advantages

There are numerous benefits of using a talking school ERP software. One of the most important benefits offered is for parents who don’t have the technical know-how to obtain updates from the website. One can easily get the required information by simply giving a relevant command to their internet-powered devices. Parents also benefit from the alert time feature that they use to receive automatic updates during specific hours. Parents can ask what’s going on with their children in school and receive instant updates. In totality, it’s a boon for both parents and school administration as it brings more transparency into the system without deploying additional resources.


Let the parents do the talking! Jupsoft is here to facilitate this communication using its dynamic talking school ERP software!