A simple way to manage comprehensive student data

Managing a comprehensive student database can be quite challenging when you are running a large-scale educational institution. Our dynamic student management system allows you to interlink and manage different aspects of the student database. It acts as a core element for the entire School ERP module.

All essentials at one place

Using the student management portal one can easily access all the required information within a few clicks. It allows for a structured way to manage crucial student data. The student management portal can be visited to obtain information regarding a student’s performance, attendance, promotion/demotion, cocurricular, fee update, etc.

Features at a glance

Here are some interesting features that our student management system offers to make the process more efficient.

1. Student account management

From managing promotions/demotions of students to smooth branch transitions, you can easily manage and access student data.

2. Student behaviour tracking

High school bullying often goes unnoticed. The student behaviour tracking feature can be used to promote discipline and maintain a healthy learning environment.

3. Academic calendar management

Create important academic milestones for all classes and track performance easily.

4. Student enrolment based on academic year

All new admissions are provided with new user IDs at the beginning of an academic year which can be used to access the online portal.

5. Classroom schedule management

Manage how classrooms and teachers are allocated for different subjects to students without any complications.

6. Student segment management

A well-planned classification of students in different categories will make it easier to manage daily curriculums.

7. Manage house groups

Schedule classes for each grade level, create daily timetables, examination plans for effectively managing house groups.

Jupsoft’s student management system offers a proactive approach to managing comprehensive student data!