A Hassle-Free Admission Process Made Possible in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the metropolises in the country. In addition to tanneries, it is famous for reputed schools, colleges and several other institutes. Of late, there has been a great rush for the students seeking admission to schools. As a result, both parents and students remain worried. The condition became so bad that even lots of students were deprived of seeking admission to the schools of their choice. Some of them committed suicide. But, this worsening problem has been mitigated considerably with school management software in Kanpur. Jupsoft has introduced this system for the betterment of students. With its application, students are able to seek admission to the top school and stay away from unnecessary hassles.

admission process

admission process

How Can Students Enroll Themselves Online?

Now, students need not stand in a long queue to apply for admission to a school. With school management software, they can easily enrol themselves online. But, prior to applying for admission to a certain school, they are required to meet the criteria of that school such as the required percentage of marks and specific rules and regulations. In the prescribed form, they are required to provide all the relevant information such as name, date of birth, parents' names, percentage of marks, name of the last school, caste, etc. While filling the form, they should be careful about spellings and numbers. They should not enter any incorrect or false information. However, if they do so, their candidature is liable to be cancelled.

How Does Schools Deal With The Admission Process?

After students have filled their admission forms online, schools start shortlisting candidates according to their marks and various other relevant information. Those, who fulfill the conditions of admission procedure, are called for further processes, such as written test, counselling, etc. On qualifying the written test and counselling, students are admitted to schools.

admission process

What Does School Management Software Work?

School management software in Kanpur is a web-based application, which can be easily operated by students. There is no need to undergo certain training for it. With the basic knowledge of computer, they can easily use it. It is an absolutely safe and secure system that hardly develops any discrepancies.

What Does Software Benefit Students, Teachers, Admins And Parents?

The benefits of school management software are not only confined to students but also to teachers and parents. The chief benefits are explained below:

  • * Since the software is completely automated, it cuts down unnecessary expenses and allows faster dissemination of information.
  • * It enables students to get enrolled into the right class and get their admission number.
  • * Parents and guardians can also access this system, regardless of their locations and time, to know their ward's admission status.
  • * It provides services to students, teachers, admins and parents separately.
  • * It features a payment gateway that makes admission fee payment easy for students. So, they need not stand in a queue to deposit their fees.
  • * Admins and clerks can store data in their School Server and maintain the safety and security of their schools.

admission process

What will be the condition of schools in Kanpur in time to come?

Every year, the rush for admission is increasing. School management software Kanpur is the only solution that can control the influx of students in schools. For this remedial measure, students should owe to Jupsoft that has brought a great change in their lives. This software will remove unnecessary hassles from their lives by enabling them to seek admission to schools and colleges of their choice. As a result, the education system ought to improve in the near future. Students, teachers, admins, staff members and parents will be miles away from the necessary mental tensions and hassles. They will be able to perform their respective roles and duties diligently.

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