School management software in Chandigarh is a sophisticated system that manages data of schools efficiently. It covers each and every official transaction carried out in the schools. With a user-friendly interface, it enables users to operate it comfortably. They can browse this system with on any device with an Internet connection, such as a computer, laptop, tablets, etc. No special training is required for its operation.

The different roles that the school management software in Chandigarh performs include registration and admission of students, management of schedules and courses, maintenance of student and staff attendance records, generation of automated time-table, transportation of students, library management, and sending SMS and notifications to students. The library is one of the important sections of any school. It often remains crowded with a heavy influx of students. Our software streamlines its functions. The library can be easily managed with the help of our school management software. It can effectively cope with a list of books with complete details, issuance of books and return process, adding/deleting/updating categories and subcategories of books along with complete details, assigning and returning of books to both students and staff members of the schools, imposition of fine after the due date for returning the book is over and generating current book stock report.

School Erp Software in Chandigarh

Our school management software manages the administration of the schools quite efficiently. So, it is the best solution for the schools in Chandigarh imparting edifying education to students. Keeping the standard of education and various aspects associated with it into consideration, we have made the software in such a manner that it streamlines various functions of the schools. We expect that in the future, our software will be an indispensable thing for every school in this city.

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School Managemnet Software
eConnect K12

eConnect-K12 is an integrated platform for educational institutions from kindergarten to 12th to enable systematic, efficient and smooth day to day functioning.

School Managemnet ERP
eConnect Lite

eConnect-Lite is a lite edition of ERP for schools with low budget and less features for schools who provides primary education. It helps in managing complete working and communication between the school and the parents.

School Erp Software
eConnect Pro

eConnect-Pro is designed for professional institutes helping proper control and take better informed decisions which will enhance the image of the institutions.

Online School Managemnet Software
Online Examination

IExam is the easiest platform for test generator that helps conduct online assessment, tests and surveys with ease.

School Managemnet Software
Online Admission

Our online admission portal is easy and secure to manage the process of registration and admission for schools, colleges or institutions.

School Managemnet Software
Time Table Generator

Timetable generator software is one of the powerful Automatic timetable generator, with adjustment, Scheduling and Substitutions.

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