Jupsoft Exam Management Software System Assisting 2000+ Institutions Conduct Online Examination

Conducting examination is one of the most challenging times for each school. The process involves a series of back-to-back activities that requires prompt association of faculty and active participation of the students. Jupsoft present the school exam management software the simplifies the entire process of examination in schools. The examination management software is designed to serve vital operations such as class wise examination, grading criteria, passing percentiles, paper checking and development of final score card, etc. This helps in streamlining the entire process of examination.

Why Jupsoft Examination Management System?

Jupsoft examination management software customized and comprehensive solution. This will help in automating all exam related activities in an educational institution. The software incorporates latest framework using which can easily organize exam in-school or online exams.

  • The selection helps in defining the number of classes, subjects, languages and variation of examination
  • The admin can define the exam rules and instructions
  • System provides robust validation
  • Set rules for publishing the results and release of score cards
  • Supported formats for results are namely: marks-based system, grade-based system, and combination of both

Post-Exam Activities

Stated are the post examination activities and analysis that the faculty can perform using the school examination management software system to get detailed analysis of all students.

  • Evaluation of term, trimester, mid-term and annual scores
  • Evaluation of final score cards, overall results and ranking for students
  • Examination registration along with printing of result and passing certificates
  • Generation of merit list basis the marks scored in examination and assessments
  • Detailed analysis using the percentage, gender, subject and category
  • Custom-made score sheets, certificates and section-wise, subject-wise or branch-wise reports
  • Announcement of results online i.e., on internet or website
  • Results can be checked online just via login into the system anytime and anywhere

Generation of Customized Score Sheets

This software system is designed to support different school boards and score sheets can be customized for variant boards such as the state boards, central board of secondary education (CBSE), Indian certificate of secondary education (ICSE), and international baccalaureate (IB).

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Reports for academic and non-academic activities | Formulative and summative score in examination and assessments | Reports on scores and grades allocation | Continuous and compressive score card | MIS reports in word, excel or pdf format

State Board of Education

Passing certificates for board classes X and XII | Class-wise, subject-wise or year-wise score reports | Reports for subjective & objective exams | Reports on practical assessments | Grade and percentile report formats

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

Subject-wise, term-wise, class-wise or collated reports | Basic reports for class I to VII | Details reports from class VII to XII | MIS reports in pdf, excel or word formats

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Internal and external assessment reports | Transcripts documents | Sort-response and data-response assessment reports | Subject and objective examination reports | Laboratory practical reports

Benefits of using the School Examination Management System Software

Streamlined Exam Management
Jupsoft helps in defining all the examination related activities. Wherein the faculty can easily incorporate the details question paper, marking scheme, schedule, process of evaluation, score card and overall grades for the students.
Premium Exposure to Students
With time, technology has become an essential part of our lifestyle. So, is the examination management software is designed to unleash the true potential of aspiring students. They will get the access of related content that includes assessments, sample papers and facility to opt for mock text.
Detailed Analysis Reports
This AI powered software system will provide the access to check the performance of each student. The faculty can check subject-wise, class-wise, term-wise or year-wise scores for a class, section or student. These reports help in analyzing the overall performance and highlight the grey areas that require attention.

to use the
School Examination Software?

Highly Intuitive Interface & Vernacular Support

The online school examination software offers a user-friendly and highly interactive interface that makes it easy to learn and use. It provides multi-language support that helps both the faculty and students to navigate different option and give exam seamlessly.

Advanced AI-Proctoring Tools

The software system incorporates smart AI-proctoring tools. These can monitor and track all student activities in real-time. This ensures that no malpractices like cheating is followed by any of the student.

Tailored for Different Boards & Examinations

This software is engineered to support different school boards namely: state boards, central board of secondary education (CBSE), Indian certificate of secondary education (ICSE), and international baccalaureate (IB). The teachers can create exams that are subjective, objective, short quizzes, and assessments.

Device Compatibility

The software is designed using the latest technology and available on both web and app interface. This provides an added comfort to the faculty as well as to the students to take examinations on their desktop or mobile devices.

Prompt Evaluation, Results and Analysis

The software helps in automating the entire process of examination. This involves active evaluation of the response sheets, generation of score cards and analysis to check students or class performance.

E-Content Management

The faculty can share content in the form of study material, practice papers, and questionnaire in vivid formats like word, pdf, audio or video files, etc. Th student just need to login the portal in order to access this e-content library.