School ERP Software

Poor technological infrastructure is one of the key reasons why schools in India often fail to provide quality education. This ultimately forces students to choose other institutes for their higher education. Despite traditionally offering quality education, schools around the nation witness major migrations. Today, it is very easy and affordable to improve your technological infrastructure for delivering a quality learning experience to students. Jupsoft’s school ERP software helps institutions manage different aspects of their administrative tasks effectively and efficiently.

What is school ERP software?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used to manage different resources and functions in an institution. Organisations use it to manage day-to-day functions, such as accounting, compliance, operations, etc. A school ERP software is a type of enterprise resource planning tool that is specially designed for schools. This helps institutions to keep a tab of daily activities, including teaching, curriculum management, administrative functions, student performance, etc. This software can provide real-time information on multiple aspects of things on a single platform.

What to expect from a school ERP software?

A school ERP software takes a holistic approach to manage different functions related to different school operations. The modules can be broadly categorised under four disciplines, i.e., administrative, academic, communication, and financial. The administrative module helps to tie other modules together by assisting with core administrative tasks. Administrators can leverage this to customize different information that they track and manage related to the school’s resources. It eliminates the need for manual record-keeping of valuable data.

Key features of a school ERP software

A school ERP software is designed to help you manage all core functions that establish a cohesive system in your institution. Here are some important features of a robust school ERP software.

  • Online portal for registration
  • Student information system
  • Assessment and result management
  • School library management
  • Staff data & payroll management
  • Financial accounting and management
  • School Inventory management
  • Students’ attendance management
  • Bus transport and GPS

Benefits offered by a school ERP software

A school ERP software is undoubtedly an excellent system to manage different aspects of your operations. It helps to record, monitor, and manage an array of daily activities vital for running the school efficiently. Here are some prominent benefits that you can expect from Jupsoft’s school ERP software.

  • The online registration feature saves a lot of time that is usually spent in registering a new student at your school. It allows the school to accept applications from different corners of the world, eliminating the need for physical presence
  • The student information system can be leveraged to generate a dynamic report regarding a student’s performance in school. The session wise segmentation of records can also be easily accessed on the software’s database.
  • The online fee collection portal allows institutions to deposit the fees digitally without visiting the school premises. It also helps to automate the reconciliation process and leaves no room for manual errors.
  • Schools don’t need to manually generate report cards, it can be done using a single click. Besides this, a school ERP software also provides a comprehensive summary of a student’s performance.
  • It helps to automate the staff payroll management process, which eliminates errors and processes the payments punctually.