No more attendance calls

Are your students still responding with a “Present” to mark their classroom attendance? Well, we have a better way to help you manage the daily attendance with 100% accuracy. No more roll-calling to get the attendance done. Leverage the RFID systems offered by Jupsoft to manage identification and attendance effectively.

A quick look into the RFID System

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system provides for a wireless way to use radiofrequency waves to transfer data. The basic anatomy of an RFID system includes RFID tags, antennas and RDIF readers. So how does the whole system work? Well, when a user tags an item with an RFID tag, it automatically reads unique codes to verify identity. This auto-ID technology can be used for various purposes inside educational premises including attendance management.

Anatomy of the RFID system

The RFID system has three important components to facilitate auto-identification.


An integrated antenna along with a memory card is used to create RFID tags for the auto-identification process. The vital information is stored in the memory of the tag.

RFID Reader

An RFID reader is used to read the key data available on every RFID tag inside the card. It has an antenna to emit the radio waves to attract information from the RFID tags in its vicinity.

Host Computer

The host computer is a core component used in the RFID system. The role of this computer is to read/write and store information from/to the RFID tags.

RFID-Based Attendance System

The use of an RFID system for attendance aids in facilitating wireless identification of students and staff when they are in the established radio frequency range. For marking attendance in an RFID system, the students and staffs need to carry the assigned RFID tags which carry important information including name, ID number, class, section, department, etc.


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