Online School Management System Software

Online School Management System Software

E-Governance for variant models of School

School ERP system software is a sturdy, time-tested education system. This ERP system is incorporated with advanced sections to enable faculty member and educators to digitize the routine work of the educational entities. The software is also known as school management system. The smart school management software simplifies complicated administrative and non-administrative responsibilities. This includes online admission, online management, online fee collection, online examination management, assignments, calendar, planning, teaching, etc. It helps in reducing manual intervention and improving efficiency, and productivity.

School ERP software is designed to simplify all administrative tasks of school and related institutions. The modules are designed to help teacher and supporting staff to regulate student events namely attendance record, associated timetable, management of academic information, fees regularization, assignments and more.

Jupsoft School ERP system is designed to assure glitch-free administrative activities that will eventually increase the efficiency and productivity of the system. It is cloud based and compatible to vivid modern technologies like RFID smart cards, biometric system, online payment gateway, mobile applications, communication alerts (email or SMS), etc. The school management ERP can be customized in accordance with the requirements of the educational institutions.

Why School Management System Software?

Jupsoft is designed to redefine and automate the traditional administrative and managerial events in a school or education institutions. The administrators can easily manage regular events like online admission, candidate portfolio, fees management, assessment, examination, etc. This provides a hands-on access to students and faculties record of activities, proficiency, and productivity.

Benefits of School Management System

Stated below are the key benefits of the School Management ERP system software:
  • Equip teachers, students and supporting faculty to the e-learning platform
  • Regular alerts ensuring prompt connectivity round the clock through SMS, Email and mobile application to parents and students
  • Hassle-free digital experience to administrative and non-administrative activities
  • 100% Accuracy to the reports to with ERP school software
  • Simplify routine tasks for the school authorities
  • Real-time track and update of student to and from home
  • Premium web presence to highlight the school's vision and mission
  • School library management system to streamline the library catalogue, accession, and distribution
  • Improved efficiency and enrollment by using the online admission system
  • Swift payment that includes the online fees collection, payment portal integration and other dues

Features of School ERP Software

Multi-User Functionality

The school ERP system software offers the convenience of usage to multiple members. This includes the definition based on their roles and utility. It helps in maintaining the data security along with better allocation and management of routine activities. The teaching staff and other faculty members of the school can easily manage tasks and modules allocated to them just by login to their account.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface is designed such to assure an easy to learn and operate experience. This makes it cake walk for different set of users to seamless management of the operations. Interactive informative are provided for better understanding of the users.

Easy Customization of Modules & Plugins

The software system consists of different modules that customizable and interlinked to serve your requirements. The management, administrative head, and senior staff of the school can have access to all modules that are recorded, processed, or tabulated.

Information Security and Backup

For data, a cloud-based service helps in saving the information generated. It includes decentralized databases that makes it easier to retrieve data anytime. The data backup is automatic, and the school authorities need not to invest on any additional system to store information.

Cost and Efficiency

The software system is cloud-based that efficient to get reports, receipts, and analytics. These reports can be generated in different formats like: PDF, excel, word and other formats.

Communication Integration

The system will offer plugin that can be used to send email and SMS. These messages will be shared with parent or guardians to update their wards performance on day-to-day basis. The alerts include examination, schedule, attendance, performance, reports, and homework.

Extended Support Services

Jupsoft provides online and on-site client support to the school authorities. The support is available 24X7 round the clock to provide any type of technical assistance to the team. The ERP software system implementation and related service are user-friendly and highly stable and do not require much of troubleshooting.

Free Demo

The authorities can instantaneously request for a free demonstration. Also, can avail a trail version of the School ERP system software to understand the features and functionality. This trail is available for 30 days.

Artificial Intelligence Within ERP

The AI in ERP systems provides actionable data insights enabling institutions to improve their operational efficiency.

School Management Software to Serve Variant Boards in India

State Board of Education (SBE)

Most of the states in India offer their own board of education. This board is responsible for conducing examination for higher classes that incudes X and XII. The academic and non-academic activities of each state board is dependent on the regional history, preference, and relevance. Jupsoft offers personalized solution for state boards.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Majority of private and public schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. These schools are entitled as the fragment of the Union Government of India. They follow the academic syllabus designed by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). Jupsoft provides cloud enabled CBSE School Management Software system, customized considering the norms and requirements defined by CBSE.

Key Benefits of Jupsoft Cloud Based Examination Module for CBSE School Software

  • The user can classify exam session for each academic year. The selection will include the assignment of maximum or minimum grades, examination marks, along with the marks that will be included before assessments. This provides an extra-edge to evaluate candidates.
  • Academic and co-academic grades and marks can be well-defined for each subject.
  • A user can identify the subject or category that will be either part of academic or co-academic, mandate or optional and practical. Also, can define specific symbols for all the subject for easy understanding.
  • User can generate advanced reports for easy management of the examination processes using the exam management software system:
    1. List of Examination i.e., Academic or Co-Academic
    2. List Marks Pattern
    3. Illustrative Indicators
    4. Grades List
    5. List of Illustrative Indicators
    6. Registration Details of Students
    7. Allocation of Marks/ Grades
    8. Examination-Wise, Subject-Wise Marks/ Grades
    9. Collated Marksheet
  • The co-academic areas and activities will include illustrative indicators. The software assures promising results. A user can define, identify, or change any of the illustrative indicators.
  • The user can enroll each student for the examination using the school management software. It provides the feasibility to register one student at a time or multiple students at once using the bulk feature.
  • It can assign roll numbers to all the students. Post examination, the users can allocate marks for both the academic and co-academic subjects.
  • The ERP has marks incorporated into the system. One can develop and prepare score card, mark list that can be printed.

Marksheet comprises of the following entities:



Examination or Term wise

Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment

Consolidated Final Report card

Key Benefits of CBSE Examination Management ERP:

  • Personalized as per latest CBSE CCE pattern
  • Faculty need not to prepare and maintain record of individual student
  • Auto-calculations of formative and summative assessments scores
  • Automation of reports cards that are in-line with CBSE system
  • Parents or guardians are informed about examinations and scores through Email and SMS

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

It is a private, non-government board of school education. The board has variant set of rules and norms for academics and examinations. This includes autonomous syllabus for standard I to VII. Thus, using different publications for same subjects. Whereas from class VIII to X, school starts preparing the students for ICSE examinations.

Jupsoft ICSE School Software will provide personalized range of subjects and can adapt variant assessment and examination models.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

It is a non-profit educational foundation that aims on a student-centric approach for educating, creating inquisitiveness, and encourage varied disciplines of study.
  • International Baccalaureate intuitive learning courses offer:
  • A la carte Program – The student can select the subject as per his/her interest quotient.
  • Teaching Methodology – The idea is to adapt different methods for leaning. Global Recognition – International Baccalaureate courses help students to develop global personality.