The future of examination is here to stay / Conducting assessments without geographical limitations

A decade ago, most people wouldn’t have imagined that online assessment will be a thing, let alone being a norm. However, after the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is gradually becoming the norm. The main reason behind this development is the benefit that it offers collectively to all stakeholders including teachers, students and parents.

A progressive approach to individual evaluation/ A futuristics approach to evaluate the performance

Online assessment software offers a progressive approach to conducting examinations and evaluating individual performances in a short period. Gone are the days when teachers had to invest their precious time in manually creating question papers and grading answer sheets. With a reliable online assessment software, most manual tasks can be automated, leaving plenty of time for crucial engagements.

What is online assessment software?

The online assessment software can be defined as a tool that allows assessment conducting bodies to easily conduct examinations and evaluate students using a dynamic online interface. It simplifies the examination process by providing a platform where students can log in to the exam portal with their enrolment number or other credentials. Most online assessment software also offers the flexibility to check results instantly, depending on the nature of the examination. Examination bodies can easily reduce their administrative hassles and associated costs using a robust online assessment software

iExam: the most dynamic online assessment software/ iExam: the ultimate solution

Jupsoft is the industry leader in the Indian e-learning domain that takes a holistic approach to create a paperless education system. Jupsoft’s iExam is among the most dynamic web-based test generators that help to conduct online examinations, surveys and recruitment tests without any hassle. It offers a highly secured automatic grading platform that can deliver results instantly without any administrative challenges. The intuitive online user interface along with powerful report analytic tools and high-level proctoring makes it the go-to option for conducting assessments.

A glimpse into the functioning of iExam/ iExam Working methodology/ iExam Behind the scenes

1. Build question banks

The first step in the process of using iExam to conduct an online examination starts with creating a question bank with the right number of relevant questions.

2. Test customization

Once you have created a question, you can easily customize the test, depending on the nature of the assessment and subject. iExam offers the flexibility to conduct both objective and subjective exams.

3. Assign the test

The third step in the process of conducting an online assessment using iExam requires you to assign the test to respective candidates. Once you have assigned the test, students will be able to access the questions and come up with their answers in due time.

4. Generate reports

The last step to successfully conducting an online exam with iExam requires you to generate reports. You can easily use the automation tool to generate reports based on the student’s answers to their question sets.

Why choose iExam? / A Quick peep into iExam USPs

Here’s why we think iExam offers the best solution when it comes to online assessment.

  • Planning and schedule automation
  • Easy assessment pattern creation
  • Question type configuration
  • Efficiency in question bank generation
  • Real-time result evaluation
  • Learning Management System Integration
  • High-level proctoring during assessments
  • Multiple language support
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Comprehensive reporting