Prepare your institution for a digital revolution through dynamic mobile applications

The contemporary world is powered by the internet and digital assets that have made life easier, to say the least. Our reliance on smartphones has exponentially increased over the past decade. Today, we can do most of our work using an internet-powered smartphone. This has been achieved by using dynamic mobile applications. Our mobile applications have a great potential to revolutionise the existing educational institutions for the better.

Everything on your fingertips

Running a large educational institution has its challenges and a lot of these can be overcome by using technology. Mobile applications aid in easing most of your administrative worries by making information easily accessible and transferable. It also drastically reduces the overhead costs associated with printing paper to inform relevant parties.

Jupsoft’s mobile applications don’t just save your money spent on printing and stationery but also provide an efficient alternative that is less time-consuming. In addition to this, it will help to create a sustainable society by reducing our dependency on paperwork. Everything can be done using a tap on the mobile screen.

Personalized applications for all stakeholders

We understand that one mobile application might not be able to cater to a diverse audience base. Therefore, we have created multiple mobile applications addressing the concerns of different stakeholders including teachers, staff, parents and students.

A quick glimpse of individual mobile apps

1. Student mobile app

After meticulous evaluation of student needs, we have created a mobile application that can address all their queries and grievances. The student app provides a dynamic e-learning platform where they can access homework, circulars, fee submission, attendance summary, report cards, awards and achievements, etc. It allows students to focus on their academics and co-curricular and excel at the same.

2. Teacher mobile app

The teacher mobile app is the perfect guide for teachers who want to access relevant information using mobile phones. They can easily obtain access to staff profiles with contact details, student attendance sheets, parent-teacher communication portal, leave portal, school calendar with holiday info, syllabus for different subjects, and timetable. This makes it easier for teachers to focus on their core task of imparting knowledge.

3. Parent mobile app

The parent mobile app has been designed to ensure that parents have complete control and transparency related to their ward’s education. They can easily view their ward’s attendance summary, progress report cards, syllabus, circulars, etc. Parents can also receive real-time transport alerts and pay fees using this mobile application.

4. Admin mobile app

The admin mobile app has been designed to streamline administrative processes to achieve operational efficiency. It allows the management team to manage aspects such as admission summary, including enquiries, sales, registration and admissions. They can easily access the student database to find relevant information, maintain staff and student’s attendance, communicate with different parties and do a lot more.

5. Visitor app

Visitor app is a must-have for every educational institute that is looking forward to creating a great first impression. It helps the school to keep a track of visitors and segment the genuine ones from the lot. Visitors can be restricted from accessing school premises based on the management’s decision. It allows new visitors to easily schedule an appointment with the school’s management and teachers. In the post-pandemic era, this can work wonders in improving the overall safety of the educational premises.


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