Still relying on manual labour to organise the library? We have something better!

Jupsoft’s Library Management Software allows institutions to effectively operate and manage their libraries without heavily relying on paperwork. It reduces the dependence on manual labour to get the job done, which adds to its cost-effectiveness.

Our dynamic software is designed to streamline all crucial tasks involved in operating the library, including book purchasing, indexing, cataloguing, stock checking and circulation recording. All this is done in an error-free manner without compromising on efficiency.

What is a Library Management Software?

The Library Management Software can be explained as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is specially curated for libraries. Reputed educational institutions are increasingly relying on this software for daily operations, which includes, tracking the items owned, orders made, bill payment, maintaining a list of individuals who have borrowed books, maintaining a book catalogue, etc.

The goal of using this revolutionary system is to automate repetitive tasks that otherwise require manual intervention. The resultant output is reduced operational cost and an efficient library system that accurately captures data. Jupsoft’s Library Management Software is very versatile and user-friendly. It can be also be customized based on an institution’s requirements.

Key benefits offered by Jupsoft’s Library Management System/ Why leverage Jupsoft’s dynamic Library Management System?

1. Intuitive user interface

Jupsoft’s library management system is very user friendly and doesn’t require any special technical know-how to use it effectively. Students and librarians can easily access and use this remarkable software inside school or college premises.

2. Simplified process

The library management software simplifies and streamlines the processes involved in the daily operations of a library. This helps to easily maintain a diverse collection of books, journals, magazines, periodicals, audio & video books, etc.

3. Improved member engagement

A web-based library management system software makes it easier to access the content inside the library from anywhere. It makes it easier for the members to search for books and other relevant materials using an internet-powered device. This helps to improve member engagement.

4. Efficient and time-saving

The dynamic library management system automatically updates data and also creates a backup. All important functions related to managing a library, including cataloguing, referencing, indexing, etc. are easily managed. This helps to make the process more efficient, saving plenty of time.

5. Cost-effective

A reliable library management software can reduce the dependence on manual labour to get the job done. This can help educational institutions to save a lot of money that would have been spent otherwise on hiring staff.

6. Automated and error-free reports

One of the biggest advantages of the new-age library management systems is the automated report generation process. One can easily access crucial data and reports in real-time by login inside the portal. All the reports generated using a library management system are free from any random error or human bias. This improves the quality of reporting, which can be very beneficial for institutions.


Help us deliver a refined learning experience to your students inside the library! / Improve the reading experience using automated library management software by Jupsoft!