Lesson Planning

Designing the academic circular is a vital aspect for the school authorities. They need to define the course set that would be taught during an academic session. It helps in organization and management of resources, faculty and sessions. The module provides the access to the faculty members and teachers to take tasks of Lesson Planning and manage the curriculum proactively.

This module is specially designed for the faculty members. They can easily strategize lesson plan, schedule for each section and status of each task. The administrative authorities and other teachers can view the status for any subject or teacher on real-time basis. The module can be customized for the lesson plan that includes user-defined database entities. It is easy to add or customize the available fields as per requirement of the faculty or school authorities.

This module makes it way more convenient to design lesson plan, delivery and progress. The progress can be evaluated on weekly, monthly, trimester, half-yearly or yearly basis. Also, each faculty member will have a Daily Teacher's Diary that will include the daily schedule for a teacher. It helps in following a systemic and synchronized curriculum. The diary is the most vital documents for the teacher as well as for the school administrative.

A teacher can even check the students who submitted their assignment, classwork or homework. They can grade them basis the submission made. With this, the teachers and school authorities can fetch the lesson plan analysis on real time basis. The school authorities are able to keep an close eye on the performance of teachers as well as students and can take counteractive actions if found any grey areas for improvement.