Learning Management System Software (LMS)

It is a customized teaching and learning platform the provides an extra-edge to the academic institutions to systematically manage academic activities. This includes keeping the records of all classroom events and increase the overall faculty and teacher association using latest digital interfaces.

What is meant by Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system is an advance software solution. This is meant for educational institutions to monitor regular reporting, training modules, process automation, schedule course, learning & development plans, record of classroom activities, customized syllabus, delivery plan, online assessments, and examination to maximize the learning resultant.

The traditional learning process is defined to new horizons for better deliverability and optimize the learning experience. The lifelong process is now transformed to a life wide learning. The latest academic landscape is prone to the use of new teaching methodologies. Where the faculty can adapt latest techniques to help students with better learning outcomes and improving their overall personality. The teachers can analyze results, plan course modules, and share content. They can keep on triggering regular communication with the students in to assign assignments, study material, posting information or related announcements.

Use of EdTech to make a digital transition and ensure best student learning outcomes is not a glitch free procedure. It is important for the faculty members to structure the below stated crucial classroom practices.

  • Organized record creation and maintenance of student lifecycle
  • Designing efficient syllabus and study plan
  • Sharing e-content that includes videos, audios, notes, practice papers and assignments
  • Providing scores, grades and highlighting grey areas for all students
  • Regular track of performance
  • Improved association of faculty and student

Jupsoft’s Learning Management System

Jupsoft’s learning management system is a complete online solution to provide a premium learning experience. The platform ensures better engagement in between the teacher and students. It helps in improving the performance and enhancing the leaning outcomes for students. The system allows the teachers to keep a track of classroom activities, defining learning objectives, calendarized curriculum and assigning online assessments. Also, the virtual classroom integration allows both faculty and students hassle-free association and prompt learning experience.

The system incorporates the Bloom’s Taxonomy framework. This provides the feasibility to the faculty to develop assignments keeping different learning checks, increasing personalized leaning and monitoring the grey areas.

  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

Learning Management System


The school authorities can save time, cost, and efforts to a great extent. This helps in developing a refined learning ecosystem.


They can create, innovate, and engage to grasp and grow on both academic and cocurricular activities.


The system will help in increasing the overall productivity and association among teacher and students. The faculty will have details about the grades, attendance, performance, and feedback provided to serve different purposes.

Key Benefits of the Learning Management System (LMS)

Best Online Classroom Practices

The system gives a new definition to the traditional learning experience. The faculty can share videos, evaluate assessments, schedule discussion, assign practice papers to students to provide a premium learning exposure.

Content Driven Association

Using the learning management system, the faculty members can upload and share e-content. This system ensures glitch free access to variety of content to the student and smooth leaning experience.

Skill Development

The module is designed to evaluate at every phase and enhance knowledge on different variants. These includes numerical ability, logical reasoning, critical thinking, creative aspirations, and mechanical ability along with academics. These exercises assist students for improving the overall performance. Early Adopter!

Key Feature of the Learning Management System (LMS)

Mobile Based Application

Learning management system comes with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use. The system offers a mobile based application that empowers faculty and students to use the interface from any smart device anywhere anytime.

Online Examination and Proctoring

The system is integrating with advanced proctoring technology. This helps the faculty to organize secured online examinations to evaluate the student basis performance. Also, the teachers can assign practice papers to make students ready for the final examination.

Virtual Classroom

The learning management software system is incorporated with virtual classroom. The system offers multi-lingual support to provide premium learning practices for both teachers and students.

Track and Manage Routine Activities

The system comes with in-built assortments to ease all academic activities. Some of these activities are calendarized teaching plan creation, defining & circulation of syllabus, events & co-curricular engagement, and BI powered advance analytic tools. These tools help faculty members to keep track and manage the routine activities.

E-Library & Online Content

A student can login to system and can vast library of online content. This includes e-books, notes, journals, practice papers for both objective and subjective terms. Such content gives an opportunity to learn and enhance their present skill set.

Advance Analytics and Feedback

Jupsoft learning management system is well equipped to auto calculation of scores for the online examination taken up the student. These allows the teachers to analyze the performance of student and highlight the grey areas. Regular feedback from faculty helps the students to work on gap areas and increase the leaning resultant.