Inventory Management Software

Simplified Management of Records

The administrative authorities can develop and manage assortments which serve the institute’s needs. These includes items such as stationary, books, sheets, books, wearables, tools, software technology, etc. that are meant to be used for students or faculties requirement. The inventory management software provides the access to add and manage the vendor from whom the institute purchase articles. The administrative can view the vendor history of association with the educational institution.

Inventory Management System Dashboard

Purchase Orders

The software helps in managing the record of all purchase order raised by the educational institution. The admin can easily create and maintain the purchase order. They get an option to print the PDF or view the order details. Also, get the option to mark these purchase orders either received or can add them in stock.

Stock and Sections

The administrative authorities will get the complete list of stocks in one view. The institute’s inventory management software system the admin can check the detailed view of a specific stock. The team can define sub-sections for variant assortments. The stock item can be allocated to a particular section or sub-sections.

Item List

The software system is designed such that the administrators can get the list of all the items that are used by the educational institution. They can keep on editing the list whenever a new item is added or removed from the inventory.

Vendor List

Now, manage all the inventory vendors at one place. The system will keep a record of vendor who are working with the academic institution. Also, can get the details of vendors who worked with us in the past.

Item Management

The admin can use the administration software provides the feature to check for the details of a dedicated item. The related authorities can decide for the acceptance or rejection of the request. If in case the request is approved, then the corresponding amount is deducted from stock.