A methodical approach to HR Management for educational institutions

HR management plays a vital role in effectively running an institution. We offer the best technological solution to effectively manage human resources within educational premises. A simple, effective and affordable HR management system that will drastically reduce your overhead expense and boost productivity.

A quick look into human resource management/ Understanding the role of human resource management

Human resource management can be explained as the practice of hiring, deploying and managing the employees/staff within an organisation. It is about devising a strategic approach to managing human resources to improve work efficiency. Just like any other organisation, schools and colleges also employ a lot of people for different roles ranging from teacher to housekeeping staff. A reliable human resource management solution can ease all the complexities for educational institutions by leveraging technology.

Leveraging technology for human resource management

The modern-age HR management solutions aim to leverage technology for efficiently managing human resources. The intention behind using technology in HR management is to improve the existing functionalities and reduce the error rate. A fast and progressive way to manage employees in an institution starts with deploying a reliable HR management solution.

Wondering how your institution can benefit from using the HR management software? Let's find out!

Improving employee management can help you create a happy workforce that is always committed to the work. Undermining the importance of staff management can create a chain reaction and impact your entire operations. Institutions have to prioritise academics and therefore there is a growing need for dynamic HR management software which can help to put things in order. Here are some important benefits of using an HR management tool.

1. Employee record maintenance

Maintaining an employee database is crucial to keep a tab on various things including leave of absence, salary payment, exclusive agreements, performance management, etc. Automating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to employee record maintenance can be done easily using HR management software. This will allow HRs to focus on important and pressing matters.

2. Leave and holiday tracker

Are you still going by the traditional method of keeping a spreadsheet to keep a tab on your employee's leave records? Well, there are better ways to do the same without wasting your precious time on data entry. Our HR management software allows institutions to process and record various types of employee leaves including sick leave, paid leave, medical leave, holidays, comp-offs, etc. It also allows employees to access their leave and holiday information without any fuss.

3. Salary generation

The in-built salary management tools in this software will allow you to ease the salary generation process. It automatically factors in multiple variables that affect the salary calculation for each employee and produces an error-free output without any need for manual intervention. It also offers a pre-made salary structure template, statutory rules, updated tax slabs and simplified workflow. Everything you need to make your payroll management easier.

4. Salary analytics

Salary analytics can be a great tool for institutions that want to keep a tab on their salary expenses for each job segment. It will help to improve their decision making by providing detailed analytical data related to salary. You will be in a better position to optimize your budget.


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