Homework Assignments

The school curriculum is designed such each student can get ample learnings. That’s the reason, we had a concept of classwork and homework. Where in classwork includes all the concepts, activities, and solutions derived during the session. However, homework are the problems, activities, theory or learning tasks to be performed from home. It is important to regularly assign assignment and homework to students. Using this module, the school authorities can develop varied homework, assignment, project, and other growth & mental exercises. These tasks can be defined roll number wise, subject wise, class wise or even smaller set of aspirants. The faculty can create multilingual description in accordance with the need of the students. Even files that are related to support homework can be shared with the students in the form of attachments, for example: pdf, doc., jpeg, png formats. The faculty will have to use the Teacher Mobile Application to assign vivid assignments to the students. Even images can be shared using the mobile camera whenever required to support the homework task.

Some faculty members are given different classes or sections to teach the same subject, in such cases they can assign similar homework assignments to the students by selecting the multiple section option. The homework can be pre-planned or pre-scheduled for automatic publishing on the mobile application and web interface. Even parents receive notifications against each of the homework assignments. These help in bridging the gap between the parents and school authorities.