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Examination and Analysis

The recent COVID pandemic made us realise the importance of online exams and performance reports. It helped schools and colleges to leverage the power of digital mediums for examination and analysis. As a result, many educational facilities started using an eLearning software system for conducting exams and generating reports. In the post-COVID era, many schools/colleges use a dynamic online interface to evaluate students and create reports. Read on to know how online assessment software improves examination and analysis.

A dedicated interface for all stakeholders

Online assessment software offers a dedicated interface to teachers, students, and parents. With the help of technology, an examination assessment software benefits all the stakeholders. Teachers can create online assessments to test the students with online assessment software. The software has the power to analyse each student's performance based on pre-decided factors. Once the analysis part is over, assessment reports are created by the teacher. The teacher can then forward the assessment reports to the students and parents. Examination and analysis via a dynamic platform will help all the involved parties.

Invest less time in assessments

Creating examination papers manually is a challenge for teachers. Once the examination is over, teachers have to invest more time in evaluating the performance. Add some more time for creating exam reports for each student. Not to forget, there may be a possibility that all students may not be available simultaneously. With online assessment software, conducting assessments is easier. Reports can be generated in no time with an online assessment software. One can even conduct assessments via an online interface that displays the result instantly. Time is precious for teachers, and an online assessment platform saves it.

Slash examination and report generation costs

Are you still dependent on paper reports in this digital era? Schools have to incur enormous costs for examination and analysis. An online assessment software can help a school/college go paperless. In extreme cases, you don’t even need an infrastructure for conducting online exams. Many educational facilities save on electricity and printing costs by conducting exams online. You don’t even need to generate physical report cards for each student. Not to forget, some schools post the report cards to parents at their residences. With an online assessment platform, you can offer reports to parents in real-time.

Enhanced flexibility

An online assessment platform offered flexibility to both teachers and students. Teachers will have the flexibility to change the assessment structure based on the subject or students. Apart from exam customisation, teachers can also customise the evaluation part. Students have the freedom to attempt online exams from home. With an online assessment platform, students can track their performance anytime. The same goes for parents who don’t need to ring the teachers every time to know the student’s mark.

Choose Jupsoft

Educational institutions need reliable online assessment software in 2022. Jupsoft is a trusted provider that offers customisable online assessment software(s). One can slash examination and analysis costs with Jupsoft’s online assessment software. So install an online assessment software right away!