Welcome to the future of learning

The contemporary digital era has changed the way we do things. Whether it is shopping for your clothes or making payments for daily groceries, everything can be done online. An e-learning software facilitates online learning by leveraging the internet and digital devices. Just like e-shopping and e-payments, the e-learning software makes it easier to learn things by bringing more convenience for the students. They have the access to all required information at their fingertips.

E-learning software for schools

Jupsoft’s dynamic e-learning software is designed to deliver an immersive and refined learning experience to students even outside the school campus.

Gone are the days when learning was only limited to closed classroom doors. Today, the abundance of relevant information along with easy accessibility has made it possible to learn various subjects from anywhere.

The internet has provided the medium to access information easily and e-learning software have added to the experience quotient of the students. Our e-learning software does a lot more. It can be used to keep a tab on student performances, availability of resources, regularity of classes, attendance during a given class, etc. Teachers can also use it to conduct quizzes and tests with instant results after completion.

E-learning software advantages/ Why E-learning software is indispensable for education institutions?

A deep-dive into some significant benefits offered by e-learning software for schools.

1. Availability of resources

All one needs to access a plethora of information using e-learning software is stable internet connectivity. You can get into online classes from anywhere at any time. Jupsoft’s e-learning software makes it easier for schools to synchronise their teaching activities so that students can make the most of their classes. Anytime and anywhere is the norm in the era of e-learning software.

2. Resources can be reviewed numerous times

Before the advent of e-learning software, students had a hard time learning about things that they missed during live classes. They had to rely on their friends and classmates to keep up with the subjects. Students can also choose to review classroom sessions in case they were absent during live classes. This makes it more convenient to learn. They have the required flexibility to review resources later at their own pace.

3. Diversity in content

The digital content that is uploaded on the e-learning portals is created in multiple formats. This diversity helps to make the learning process easier and even the most complex topics can be easily understood. It reduces the chances of miscommunication and students are better able to grasp difficult subjects. The use of 3D models and graphical content adds to the richness of the learning experience.

4. Instant results

E-learning software can reduce the burden of teachers by helping them create tests and quizzes effectively. They don’t have to spend their time on manual evaluation of answers. One can easily obtain instant results for tests and quizzes using an e-learning system. Teachers can easily focus on the core academic activities. Automation of repetitive tasks is one of the most important advantages offered by e-learning solutions.

5. Discussion panels

Reliable e-learning software also offers a discussion panel where teachers and students can join to resolve any existing queries and concerns. Many a time, a student may be unable to understand a concept during live sessions. Discussion boards give them the option to discuss the topics with their teachers for a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


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