eLearning Software System Solution for Schools

Pioneer eLearning platform for digitization of schools

School eLearning Software – School Leaning Management Software (LMS)

With the advancement in technology, the traditional education system has changed to major folds. The e-learning is the new milestone to redefine the learning methodologies for both students as well as the faculty. Contributing to the advancement in technology, elearning has become next new for everyone. The technology offers a simplified approach for preparing the daily schedules, organizing virtual classes, allocating faculty, assignment, and examinations for students. This efficient elearning software will not only help simplifying the entire teaching and learning process seamlessly. The platform provides learning practices using the digital learning that ensures best learning outcomes.

Jupsoft’s eLearning Software for School

Jupsoft elearning software for school is a robust, configurable, and reliable platform for digitization of the academics and related activities in school. These provides engaging virtual classroom, proactive teaching-leaning procedures, and smooth tracking of student’s performance. Also, will get the access to online assessment tools using can assign assignment and examination. This software incorporates add on feature of Microsoft Teams, using which the school offers an interactive online leaning platform to help students learn and adapt new things in a systematic way. Jupsoft’s solution redefines the traditional classroom to advanced student friendly learning environment. The routine tasks for maintaining assignments, study material, practice papers, registration for examination and planning lesson get simplified for the faculty members as well.

Jupsoft elearning software system incorporates online assessment tool, easy access to quality content and communication features. It ensures mutual benefits for the school authorities, faculty members and students. A teacher can track the student information virtually, this includes:

  • Daily record of student’s attendance
  • Daily track and maintenance of homework and assignments
  • Detailed analysis of test, results, and overall performance
  • Academic curriculum
  • Academic development – subject wise, section wise, class wise, year wise
  • Links to access library can be provided

Key features of Jupsoft’s eLearning software system for Schools

The elearning software provides an extra-edge over the traditional learning options. It offers overall growth and development of the student, educators, and faculty members. Mentioned below are the features that are offered by the elearning software system.

1.Integration of Microsoft Teams

Jupsoft’s elearning management system software is equipped with Microsoft Teams. This offers a premium teaching and learning experience for the teachers and students respectively.

2.Development of Academic Curriculum and Strategies

This learning management system makes it easier for the administrative members to develop the curriculum and session wise teaching plan for the school faculty.

3.Online Assessment and Examination

Using the platform, the faculty can organize and evaluate online assessments and examinations namely: multiple choice or descriptive ones.

4.Daily Assignment and Upload of Content

The faculty can assign daily assessments and share regular content such as e-books, e-notes, video tutorials, and sample papers. These assortments help the students to learn and enhance their performance.

5.Mobile and Web Compatibility

The software system is customized for both the mobile and web interfaces. The student, faculty and administrative authorities can login the platform as per their convenience. Each of the stakeholder is defined with the instructions to access the panel, for example: admin rights to administrative authorities, privilege to teachers and limited rights of use to students.

6.Virtual Communication Platform

It provides provision to trigger electronic communication like email, SMS, chat, etc. The school ERP software system offers efficient communication that helps teachers to send prompt communications to the students and parents.

Key Benefits of eLearning School Software

  • Assignment submission online
  • Appear in online examination and practice tests
  • Access to lesson plans
  • Streamlined communication with the faculty members
  • Streaming videos on real-time basis of lectures
  • Evaluation and access to a diverse range of e-books
  • Association with students’ groups using online forums
  • Reporting and feedback on the assessments and examinations
  • Analyzing students’ performance, marks, or grades
  • Regular learning and upgrading skill set
  • Simplified access to student database
  • Group announcements and emails
  • Online assessment of examination and assignments
  • Share online lesson plan and course curriculum
  • Track of student details and performance
  • Maintain teaching, syllabus, and examination plans
  • Detailed reposts for each student
  • Examination format’s objective or subjective
  • Update and upload of notes and practice question papers
eLearning Tool by Jupsoft

Add-on tools that the faculty can access along with this elearning platform

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Web & Mobile Compatible design
  • User based access (admin rights to teachers and limited to students)
  • 100% Data security tools
  • Couse related material including practice papers, notes and formulas
  • Daily homework and online assignments
  • Question banks incorporating previous years question papers
  • Video for classroom sessions, illustrations, and tips
  • Audio recording of lectures
  • BI-powered advance analytics tool

The elearning management software system simplifies the coordination in-between the faculty and students. They can easily connect on this centralized platform. The faculty can share group emails, SMS, or alerts for study material, class timetable, and can add related comments to avoiding any communication gaps. The elearning system for school is a complete learning management system that makes the virtual teaching and learning seamless.

Performance Evaluation

Jupsoft‘s online assessment software system is a strategic tool to facilitate simplifying the learning process. It helps in reducing the grey areas by keeping a regular track on performance of all students. These analysis highlights the gaps and further course of action to work on.

The faculty members get privilege access to create question papers, upload content, allocate assignments, and development of practice papers. They can check and modify their daily, weekly, monthly schedule, measure, and plan to maximize student learning.

  • Critical thinking ability
  • Mental adaptability
  • Cross collaboration across networks
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Fluent oral and written communication
  • New horizons to creativity and imagination power
  • Analytical capabilities