Biometric & RFID Attendance

A smart approach to attendance evaluation

Still following the traditional method of calling names to register attendance? Well, we have a better solution for your needs. Jupsoft delivers advanced biometric and RFID attendance solutions to improve the accuracy of your attendance records. It also makes it easier for your institution to track the presence of your staff and students on any given day.

Why opt for biometric and RFID attendance solutions? / The need for RFID and biometric attendance solution

Registering the attendance of staff and students is one of the most important administrative tasks inside educational premises. Keeping accurate attendance records also helps the management and teachers to keep a tab on individual students. However, it can be quite challenging to precisely manage the daily attendance records of students and staff. The biometric and RFID based solutions are designed to automate this task and eliminate the need for any manual intervention.

Understanding the RFID attendance mechanism

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution offers a better way to capture attendance for schools, colleges and universities. This technological solution functions using an RFID reader, RFID tag, a digital display, and a microcontroller tool. All these elements work in conjunction to validate the identity of students and staff inside school or college premises.

Students or staff can easily verify their attendance using their identity cards. The RFID tag that is needed to mark the attendance automatically contains unique information about the cardholder including name, class & section, ID number, etc. Automating the attendance recording process also cuts down the probability of random human errors and makes the data more accurate.

Benefits of RFID and biometrics attendance system for different stakeholders/ The importance of an RFID and biometrics-based attendance system

The RFID attendance systems offer a wide range of benefits to different stakeholders including parents, teachers, students and administrators

Benefits for Teachers

  • Eliminates the need for any paperwork for marking attendance
  • Sends alert to notify about any student’s absence from the class
  • Alerts parents through a notification in case of chronic absenteeism
  • Automatically generates students’ attendance reports

Benefits for Students

  • Entry and exit notification alerts
  • Accurate daily attendance without any errors
  • Spares more time to learn without diverting attention
  • Automatic RFID and biometric-based eliminates the need for roll calls

Benefits for Parents

  • Easily monitory ward’ school activities in real-time Quick attendance report calculation Automatic email and SMS alerts on absenteeism of students Dynamic online dashboard for comprehensive reports

Benefits for Administrators

  • Reduces the dependence on paperwork to manage attendance
  • Important alert on breach of restricted access
  • Automatic report generation in an error-free manner
  • An efficient way to manage attendance records and monitor student activities

A lot more can be achieved with our advanced biometric and RFID attendance system for schools, colleges and universities.

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