Radio Frequency Identification and Biometric School Attendance Software

Get Smart School Attendance Management Software System with RFID, Biometric and Mobile Application for Capturing Attendance

Marking the presence of students in class is a vital task. It is important to ensure that the attendance is taken, and records are maintained for all students as the traditional system consumes a lot of time and is less efficient. A teacher spends more than 2000 human minutes on capturing the attendance of students.

Jupsoft came up with the concept of attendance software to ease the process of attendance management in the schools. Stated below are the key assortments that can be considered for taking the attendance using the CSMS (Centralized School Management Software)

RFID Attendance/Biometric Software

The software system is based on thumb impression. Wherein, the attendance is captured using the thumb sense on the system.
Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)
These hardware systems are generally installed at the entrance spaces and other places as per the requirement. The students and faculty members will have to pass through the RFID installed entrance to record the attendance. For this, special RFID ID cards are provided to students, faculty and staff. These RFID cards marks the attendance through the RFID antenna. The check in and check out time are captured in the system. Also, the attendance is shared on email or SMS or both with the parents.
LF Technology
These low frequency readers and transmitters to ensure a low a smooth system. In this case the RFID card has to be swapped on the readers provided in close proximity. These devices mounted at different common places of the school. For marking the attendance, a student will have to hover the ID card on events of entering and leaving the school. These readers capture card data and attendance is marked. The faculty members can update the attendance of the students.
Biometric Machines
The biometric machines recognize the thumbprint of everyone with 360 captures. The machine needs high speed internet connection and can used in each classroom to capture the attendance. As soon as the attendance is marked by a student on the school attendance management software and an alert notification is shared to parents via the mobile application. The mobile biometric attendance software systems can be installed outside the class or activity rooms for capturing the attendance.

Manual Attendance

The system requires manual intervention on the attendance management software to capture the presence of students. For this, the attendance is feed manually on the software system. Also, the administrative and faculty members will receive regular update of the students who were absent. The details are shared basis the record generated on the attendance system server. Along with this, SMS and email is shared with the guardians or parents about the attendance record of their ward. The monthly summary reports are circulated among the faculty to analyze the attendance class wise, section wise or term wise. For the convenience of parents, the monthly attendance is uploaded on the school's website. This system makes attendance capturing easily accessible on all servers. The attendance records are well organized and retrievable in the hour of need.

Monthly App Based Attendance

The records are managed on routine basis using the attendance management software system. Teachers and faculty members are provided with individual login credentials. The faculty can fetch the details of students who were marked present, absent or even for a half-day on the system. They can even set the notification triggers to the parents for sharing updates with the parents.
Integration of Learning Management System
The attendance management software system is integrated with LMS. This provides the feasibility to faculty for uploading the session notes, assignments, related images and practice questionnaire while marking the attendance. This help in enhancing the academic deliverability and engagement in routine classroom activities.
Leave Application
The students can even request for leave using the mobile application. The teachers get an alert whenever a student or parents apply for a leave. They can manage leaves and attendance using the advance attendance management software.
Detailed Reports
The teacher can get detailed attendance reports. They can produce attendance reports on daily, weekly, monthly, trimester or yearly basis. These reports can be further analyzed to warn the students and wards for the attendance on time.

Key Features of Online School Attendance Software

  • Equip teachers, students and supporting faculty to the e-learning platform
  • Regular alerts ensuring prompt connectivity round the clock through SMS, Email and mobile application to parents and students
  • Hassle-free digital experience to administrative and non-administrative activities
  • 100% Accuracy to the reports to with ERP school software
  • Simplify routine tasks for the school authorities

Key Benefits of Online School Attendance Management Software

Data Management

The attendance management system (AMS) provides easy complication of thousands of individuals. It permits the school administration to generate attendance reports. These reports will include the students with less than 75% attendance, 100% attendance, and other similar records. The administrative authorities and faculty members can create customized reports to conduct different analysis. The system captures the record for a student, section or class for advance comparison and evaluation.

Data Analysis

The software provides dashboard to the administrators to check the week wise, month wise, trimester wise, half yearly or yearly analytics of the student's attendance.

Data Security

The school attendance management software offers highly secured record of data, avoiding proxy issues and capturing real-time data for the academic institutions.