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Institution Management Software

Institution Management Software

Jupsoft is an interactive campus management software powered by artificial intelligence that helps automate administrative tasks easily

It enables both parents and children to feasibly carry out their admission process and learning on the platform. Our school ERP and mobile applications are designed using next-gen technologies which enhances the digital experience of our users.

Using Jupsoft, teachers, parents, children and the management can simply perform their day-to-day tasks without any hassle. Our software and apps are extremely user-friendly where one can easily manage their daily school activities on the go. We offer a variety of services like School ERP, College ERP, University ERP and Trust/NGO ERP that are built using robust and smart technologies. It helps access any data instantly related to students, teachers and staff by using a secure centralized system.

Jupsoft will fulfill all your academic needs and help fulfill your educational goals in a single place.

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A Sneak-Peek Of Our Offerings


Our school management software provides an all-in-one solution that helps schools manage their daily administrative tasks easily. This platform connects teachers, parents, students and other staff in one place ensuring a hassle-free process. Jupsoft is built using the latest technologies which are user-friendly thereby allowing you to make the most of your online experience. With its smart features such as quick admissions, easy payment options, daily attendance tracking, etc, it reduces the time and efforts spent on tedious tasks and in turn increases productivity.

  • Next-gen technologies with AI-enabled features
  • Daily Notifications, and tracking system to maintain a smooth and transparent communication between the schools and parents
  • Customized according to various boards such as CBSE, ICSE, etc with the latest curriculum
  • Active Stakeholder support to provide an enhanced learning experience to the students
  • Resourceful and insightful learning and teaching experience to both students and teachers

Coaching Institute

Using our coaching management system, students can fulfill all their learning needs by getting access to top coaching institutes. This makes learning more easy and accessible to them as they can get quality knowledge from popular and reputed coaching institutes. The platform helps in managing large amounts of institutional data by storing it in a centralized database. Hence, it makes it easier to access any information quickly and securely on the platform. Students can easily juggle between their online coaching admission, fees payment and getting started with their learning instantly by using this platform.

  • Manage various coaching institutions and their data through a secure server
  • Access to student, parent and staff data in one click through an engaging digital dashboard.
  • Complete overview and easy control of various campus activities
  • Secure online payments, fee tracking and updation of fees in the student database.


Our College ERP system ensures a smooth workflow by digitizing all the processes and improving the overall efficiency. It automates major work processes like report generation, pedagogical performance, admissions and much more which ensures low effort and budget. With the help of our College ERP, colleges are able to keep track of their daily activities like student information, teacher information, etc while making the overall process smooth and efficient. As the majority of the processes are automated, it becomes easy to keep track of multiple things that are associated with educational institutions.

  • Manage Data Efficiently- It enables educational institutions to track and manage the existing data of their students and staff in a single system
  • Engaging Learning Experience- Constantly improve the learning experience of students by providing a goal-based learning approach.
  • Manage Courses Effectively- Create and schedule courses for students based on their curriculum and pre-requisites
  • Easy Finance Model- Go paperless and manage your entire cash handling in a single system to collect, track and manage the expenses.


Our university management software provides support to various universities and colleges to smoothly regulate the work process. Using this platform, universities can achieve maximum efficiency by automating various processes like admissions, student management, exam conduction, etc. Our University ERP offers the best services to its universities and the colleges that are affiliated with each of these universities. It helps establish useful connections between them which streamlines all the major processes and thereby gives them a seamless online experience.

  • Hassle-free communication and management with various affiliate colleges for sharing data and maintaining transparency
  • Easy management of students, campus and staff administration
  • Conduct online admissions using a centralized database system
  • Conduct online examinations, generate report cards and manage extra curriculum activities


Our Trust management software helps higher management regulate their daily administrative process and manage multiple tasks in a single place. They can access insightful and statistical reports, 24/7 data accessibility, and much more which helps them make an informed decision. Our software can be customizable according to specific trust/NGOs where we add various features according to your requirements. We also provide an interactive dashboard that helps keep tabs on all the essential data that you might want to access on the platform.

  • Access any important information related to educational institutions 24/7
  • Manage multiple campuses on a single trust management platform and keep track of all the important activities of students, teachers and other administrative staff.
  • Receive valuable insights through an interactive dashboard to make a fast and accurate decision.

Why Jupsoft ERP

The institutions which build the future of the Nation and World, needs to manage a lot many things throughout the year. Jupsoft eConnect An ultimate school ERP software that seamlessly integrates every function of a school by automating the entire value chain of the organization.


User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Role Based

Configurable levels, roles and duties

AI Powered

Voice Assistant, Chatbots & Smart Algorithms

Fully Configurable

Little to no Customization


Modular approach, Possible t to use select Modules

Academic DNA

Developed by Academicians with 100+ years experience


End-to-End automation through single application and single Database


Modular, systematic,Structured


Go-Live in 1-2 months

Best Pratices

Developed by Academicians with 100+ years experience


Low Cost, measurable cost savings, Break-even in less than 1 year


Ready Data & Reports for all regulatory & compliance bodies

Give your school the JUPSOFT advantage today

  • Better learning

    Better learning outcomes for students

  • teacher

    Every teacher
    can teach excellently

  • student attendance

    Higher student attendance

  • parent satisfaction

    Increased parent satisfaction

  • fee collection

    Better fee collection

  • Enrollments

    Increased enrollments

benefits  of jupsoft school management software


Stay connected, even when you're on the go

Jupsoft provides easy access to your entire school management services at your fingertips with the help of our online App. Experience all the major services anytime and anywhere where you can easily manage and make quick decisions in the palm of your hand. Explore various in-built features that are extremely easy to use and make the entire process time-saving and effortless.

Our app contains an astonishing dashboard where you can access all the necessary data in one click. It offers all the essential services that can be used by students, teachers and staff to manage and organize their daily tasks. You can simply tune into this app and use the services which are accessible 24/7.

  • Parents Login
  • Notifications
  • Attendence Management
  • Students Login
  • Online Fee collection
  • Leaves Management
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Our Educational Institutional ERP helps automate the entire workflow where one can easily manage their daily institution-related tasks such as registration, admissions, daily attendance, report card generation, Learning etc in a single place. This ERP system ensures that institution can indulge in a hassle-free process by keeping track of all the activities related to teachers, students and parents on the platform. We offer smart technologies which automate all the administrative tasks thereby helping institution achieve maximum efficiency.

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We help streamline the entire assessment process by allowing teachers to conduct timely examinations, assess students and generate exam reports, all by keeping the learning needs of a student in mind. These assessments are carried out by carefully evaluating the performance of a learner through the school ERP platform. These assessments are further sent forward to the teachers who then generate the report cards and provides them to both students and parents to help them track their learning progress.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

We offer an interactive learning management system that helps teachers customize their curriculum planning, thereby enhancing the whole learning and teaching experience of both students and teachers on the platform. This learning management system is personalized and redefined according to the requirement of both teachers and students which makes sure that the digital experience is much engaging and interactive. It thus contributes to great online learning and teaching environment.

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 Learning Management System jupsoft

Digital Content

Get access to a variety of digital content that is tailored according to various languages and boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, so that students can learn and understand their curriculum effectively. Jupsoft offers an interactive digital solution wherein students can get quality content in various digital forms. Keeping the particular board and its related curriculum in mind, we create and publish various educational content that fits the learning needs of a student.

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From start-ups to big-names, Jupsoft is proud of its client's success and
passionate about helping them accelerate growth through digital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is School Management Software?

School management software provides a 360-degree approach to schools by simplifying all their daily administrative tasks easily. It helps teachers, students, parents and other staff connect with each other and simultaneously manage their daily activities. Using this centralized platform, schools can keep track of a student's admission, daily attendance, payroll, and much more. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to organize their daily classes, create timetables, conduct exams, etc which helps go paperless and in turn save their time and efforts.

What Is Your Data Safety Policy?

We have implemented the highest data security policy on our platform. Each module that is built into the platform is double password protected which avoids the risk of a data breach. We have formulated clear guidelines and policy which works towards ensuring data security. It enlists how the platform should be used with utmost care on all devices and the role of third-party data which is hazardous to any platform. Also, various aspects related to data safety such as two-factor authentication, admin privileges, backup and patch management are regulated smoothly on the platform.

How To Get Higher ROI With Education MIS For Colleges, Universities & Schools?

In case of colleges, universities and schools, the most essential aspect is effective data management With the help of an education management information system, all the educational institutions can easily organize, access, collect and manage their data without any hassle. The feature of report generation can be used to generate various reports of different departments which can be then used to keep track of each and every activity. These reports are extremely insightful which helps educators make an informed decision and in turn receive the highest ROI.

How Do I Find The Best E-Learning Platform?

An E-learning platform is the most important teaching and learning aid for both teachers and students. Not only this, but it plays an important role in the entire school management. So, while finding the best E-learning platform, one should ensure that the platform is easy to use for all students, teachers, parents and management. It should allow schools to access each module easily. Along with that, it should provide 24/7 support, security, responsiveness and offer a smooth and engaging digital experience to teachers and students.

What Features Should One Expect From An Online Assessment Tool?

An online assessment tool ensures a hassle-free process of conducting examinations to assessing students and generating their report cards. There are various features that one should keep in mind when getting an online assessment tool as mentioned below

  • Automation of Exam plan and schedule
  • Online Question Paper generation
  • Exam timetable generation
  • Personalized Test options
  • Notification for Exam schedules
  • Proctoring facility
  • Instant report generation
Can JupSoft ERP software be customized for my Institute?

Yes, Jupsoft software can be customized according to the needs of an institution. Keeping the school's objectives and goals in mind, we customize the software so that you can fulfill your requirements easily. Various aspects such as student login, parent login, teacher login, staff login are provided on the software which one can assess and carry out their day-to-day tasks easily. We provide an interactive dashboard that helps you manage numerous aspects like attendance tracking, exam conduction, report generation, fee payment, etc.

Which kind of education institution can use JupSoft ERP Software?

All the educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, coachings and trusts/NGOs can make use of Jupsoft as their campus management software. We offer various services that are in line with the goals of each educational institution. Jupsoftt provides a collaborative platform for all the teachers, students, and school staff to effectively manage their daily day-to-day administrative tasks. We also strive our best to customize each offering according to various educational institutions.

How Jupsot can help to migrate from existing software?

At Jupsoft, we provide a tailor-made solution to all educational institutions to match their requirements. We carefully help migrate from your existing software by keeping your platform's technical specifications in mind. In case any content item is affected, we take immediate preventive measures to restore the original content. Our team makes sure to migrate all the exact requirements specified by you. Lastly, we offer minimal charges to help you migrate from your existing software which helps you especially when you are on a budget.

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